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Your Stay


Bruyère is committed to the Home First philosophy. This approach to care means that once you arrive at Bruyère, everyone is working towards getting you healthy enough to return home or to the most appropriate setting in the community.

Saint-Vincent Hospital patients can visit our Path to Home lounge to find resources and tools to help work towards going home. It is in the Atrium, close to the terrace exit. For Élisabeth Bruyère Hospital patients, the information is available on your unit.



Preparing for your visit

Who is Bruyère? What do we do? Where are our different campuses?


This section includes everything you need to know on our organization.


It also includes useful information on how to get to our different campuses and where to park! 


Where will you be staying? 


This section includes information on our different types of accommodations and their respective fees as well as important information on the different services available to you including:


    • Connected Care Patient Portal;
    • Laundry;
    • Hair salon;
    • Cafeteria; and
    • Boutique.

This section also includes information about:


    • Personal items and valuables;
    • Meals;
    • Authorized leave;
    • Pets; and
    • Visiting information and hours. 



Financial services - clients

When you are admitted, you or your substitute decision maker must go to the Financial services – clients office.

Learn all about what to bring and how this process works in this section! 

Your safety and wellbeing

Your safety and well-being is our main priority. 


In this section, learn about the different things we have in place to create this environment:


    • Identification bracelets
    • Medications
    • Infection prevention and control
    • Visitors
    • Video surveillance
    • Violence prevention
    • Clot prevention
    • Pressure injury prevention
    • Accidents and injuries
    • Slipping and falling
    • Restricted items
    • Smoking, alcohol, and illegal drugs
    • Wheelchairs and power mobility devices
    • Emergency preparedness and fire safety 


Your care

We are committed to providing person-centered care by involving an interprofessional care team to meet your needs while you are in the hospital.


This section includes key information about our care practices including:


    • Your personal care board
    • Our "always practices"
    • Information on medical assistance in dying 


Your room

What features and equipment is available in your room?


Find the information to that question in this section! 

Client relations

Do you have feedback you would like to share about your stay with us? Let us know by contacting our Client relations team.


Learn who to contact and how in this section.


We take your feedback and concerns seriously.  

Spiritual care

Although we are a catholic organization, we have many chaplains and faith representatives who are available to discuss your spiritual needs. 


Within all of our campuses, we have chapels and multi-faith prayer rooms open for worship, personal reflection, medication and prayer.


We also offer end-of-life comfort packages.


To learn more about our spiritual and our therapeutic support services click the button below.

Information, access, and privacy

Bruyère keeps three types of information:


    1. health information
    2. general records
    3. personal information

Learn more about what we keep and why in this section.



We hope you enjoyed your time with us!


In this section, learn about the discharge process.