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Resident Transfers

At times, it is necessary for us to transfer a resident from their room to another room or unit, for clinical or safety needs. We try our best not to move residents unless it is required; however, sometimes, it is necessary for their well-being or that of other residents in the home.

Reason for needing to transfer a resident can include:

  • Changes in exit-seeking behaviour. The resident no longer requires a secure unit as they do not try to exit the building and do not pose a risk from exiting the unit anymore.
  • Changes in lift requirements. Not all of our rooms have ceiling lifts; if the resident’s needs change and they require a ceiling lift or if they have a ceiling lift in their rooms and do not require one, they may be asked to transfer rooms.
  • Change in resident needs. If the needs on a unit change and the resident’s needs can no longer be safely met in the room or on the unit any longer.
  • Risk of aggression between residents who share the same living space, bathroom and/or a unit.
  • Any other clinical needs for the safety or care of a resident.

Please rest assured that we do not move residents without consideration of their needs. Many factors are reviewed with the team and attending physician before making this decision. We also discuss the move with the resident, the power of attorney and/or the substitute decision maker before a move is made.