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Our Investigators

The Bruyère Research Institute is home to researchers with expertise in aging and long-term care, palliative care, primary care, rehabilitation, medically complex care, health equity, and more.


Senior Investigators typically hold a PhD, PharmD, MD, and/or licensure under Regulated Health Professions Act (RHPA) with at least six years of research experience and dedicate at least 20% to 50% of their time to research. Senior Investigators hold peer reviewed grants as a principal investigator or co-investigator, can supervise graduate and post-doctoral students, and hold an appointment with the University of Ottawa or another eligible post-secondary institution.

Investigators typically hold a PhD, PharmD, MD, licensure under RHPA, and/or a clinical appointment with Bruyère with at least three years of research experience and dedicate at least 20% to 50% of their time to research. These individuals hold peer reviewed grants as a principal investigator or co-investigator, and can supervise graduate students at their affiliated post-secondary institution.

Affiliate Investigators typically hold a PhD, PhD equivalent, Masters, MD, and/or licensure under RHPA with an academic appointment at the University of Ottawa or other post-secondary institution. Affiliate Investigators have a primary research appointment at another institution or are in the initial stage of their career path as an investigator.

Clinical Research Affiliates typically hold a PhD, PhD equivalent, Masters, MD, and/ or licensure under the RHPA. Clinical Research Affiliates have a clinical position/affiliation or are involved in the provision of care at Bruyère and spend less than 20% of their time on research.

Bruyère Research Institute Investigators and Affiliates



Research Interests

Archibald, Doug Investigator programme evaluation, educational technology, survey research, interprofessional education, education data linkages, adult learning
Backman, Chantal Affiliate Investigator  
Bahraini, Sayna Affiliate Investigator  
Bilodeau, Martin Senior Investigator aging and mobility, postural control, exercise, neuromuscular fatigue
Boisgontier, Matthieu Investigator  
Bouchard, Martin Affiliate Investigator  
Bromwich, Matthew Investigator medical devices, innovation and entrepreneurship, hearing testing and rehabilitation, mobile health, ehealth, digital health, pediatric otolaryngology
Bush, Shirley Investigator delirium management in palliative care patients, experiential impact of delirium on patients, family and professional caregivers, guideline implementation, mixed methods research
Campbell, Mark Investigator osteoarthritis, cartilage regeneration, joint health, rehabilitation
Cassol, Edana Affiliate Investigator  
Chambers, Larry Senior Investigator dementia prevention and post-diagnostic support, dementia clinical guidelines, evidence-based medicine in medical undergraduate education, production of publishable lay summaries of research issues in medicine
Chan, Adrian Affiliate Investigator biomedical signal processing, biomedical image processing, sensor systems, artificial intelligence, assistive devices, accessibility
Chandler, Jennifer Affiliate Investigator  
Chasen, Martin Investigator palliative care, cancer survivorship, cancer cachexia, chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting, digital care, cancer rehabilitation, home care
Conklin, James Investigator implementation science, knowledge translation, organizational change, systems change, organization development, planned change
Dahrouge, Simone Senior Investigator primary care, health services delivery
Davidson, Patrick Affiliate Investigator  
DeZeeuw, Katrina Clinical Research Affiliate neurospinal rehabilitation, chronic wound, spinal cord injury, Sublesional Osteoporosis (SLOP), quality improvement
Downar, James Investigator communication, decision-making and suffering in seriously ill patients; bereavement and complicated grief; palliative care for the critically ill and for non-cancer illness
Druce, Irena Affiliate Investigator  
Edwards, Jodi Investigator novel cardiac markers of stroke and dementia risk, heart-brain connections, cardiovascular comorbidity
Farrell, Barbara Senior Investigator deprescribing guidelines, polypharmacy, interprofessional care, prescribing cascades
Finestone, Hillel Senior Investigator multidisciplinary pain care in family medicine, opioids and pain, mind-body issues, virtual reality stroke rehabilitation technology, optimal ways of educating patients and physicians about stroke rehabilitation, driving and stroke
Flowers, Heather Investigator  
Frank, Andrew Investigator Alzheimer's Disease, dementia, mild cognitive impairment, therapeutics, technology
Gagnon, Bruno Affiliate Investigator  
Goubran, Rafik Affiliate Investigator  
Hébert, Paul Senior Investigator transfusion and resuscitation, frailty, palliative care and social prescribing, clinical research, evaluative epidemiology
Heer, Carrie Affiliate Investigator  
Howcroft, Jennifer Affiliate Investigator driving fitness assessments, gait analysis and wearable sensors, clinical and rehabilitation engineering, pedagogical research
Hsu, Amy Investigator, Chair  
Isenberg, Sarina Investigator, Chair access to palliative care for marginalized and non-cancer populations, hospital-to-home transitions near end of life, mixed methods, qualitative methods, patient and caregiver engagement, arts-based knowledge translation
Karunananthan, Sathya Investigator  
Kendall, Claire Senior Investigator family medicine, primary care delivery for marginalized populations, patient and stakeholder engagement, community-based participatory research methods, social accountability
Kennedy, Ashleigh Affiliate Investigator digital health, remote monitoring, rehabilitation, technology commercialization
Kessler, Dorothy Affiliate Investigator stroke rehabilitation, participation in valued activities, occupational performance coaching, self-management
Knoefel, Frank Senior Investigator, Chair dementia, cognitive aging, technology, supportive smart homes
Kobewka, Daniel Investigator decision making for people with frailty, decision support intervention, predictive algorithms, long term care, administrative data analysis, advance serious illness preparation
Kondreddy, Srikanth Affiliate Investigator  
Kousaie, Shanna Affiliate Investigator  
Krentel, Alison Senior Investigator health equity and effectiveness, global public health, implementation research, infectious disease control programs, community engagement, health systems strengthening
Lawlor, Peter Senior Investigator cognitive dysfunction (particularly delirium in palliative care), cancer pain assessment and management, psychosocial distress in palliative care
Liddy, Clare Senior Investigator primary care, electronic consultation, telemedicine, access to care, wait times, referral, specialist care, health services accessibility
Mai, Andrew Clinical Research Affiliate  
Maniate, Jerry Affiliate Investigator health equity, accessibility, social justice, higher/medical education, leadership
Manuel, Douglas Senior Investigator  
Marek, Jonah Affiliate Investigator quality of life, wound care, complex continuing care
Marshall, Shawn Investigator rehabilitation, brain injury, concussion, driving and disability, older driver, epidemiology
McCarthy, Lisa Affiliate Investigator  
Mcloughlin, Paul Clinical Research Affiliate  
Myran, Daniel Investigator public health policy, population health, mental health, substance use, physician health, health services research, primary care access, socially accountable care, big data
Nkangu, Miriam Affiliate Investigator health equity, health systems, health policy, global health, digital health and innovation, health financing, community and stakeholder engagement, implementation research, reproductive maternal newborn child and adolescent health
Nickerson, Jason Investigator public health, population health, long-term care, complex-continuing care, respiratory therapy, health policy
O'Neil, Jennifer Affiliate Investigator global health, health equity and access to rehabilitation services, innovation, digital health, sensors, wearables, telehealth, mobility, balance, falls, neurology, clinical research and implementation
Petkovic, Jennifer Affiliate Investigator health equity, systematic reviews, knowledge translation, engagement methods
Pottie, Kevin Affiliate Investigator health equity, refugees and other migrants, deprescribing, guidelines
Radhakrishnan, Arun Investigator knowledge translation, primary care, mentorship, continuing professional development, digital health, artificial intelligence
Rajabiyazdi, Fateme Affiliate Investigator patient-centered care, e-health
Sachs, Adam Affiliate Investigator  
Shea, Beverley Investigator  
Sheehy, Lisa Investigator stroke and geriatric rehabilitation, virtual reality (VR), technology for aging in place, use of arts and technology to improve quality of life
St. John, Ronald Affiliate Investigator global data mining to identify unusual health events that can expand into the next pandemic
Stinchcombe, Arne Investigator  
Sveistrup, Heidi Senior Investigator  
Taler, Vanessa Senior Investigator aging, mild cognitive impairment, dementia, cognition, language, memory, neuropsychology, event-related potentials
Thomas, Neil Affiliate Investigator cognitive impairment and dementia, home-based technology and digital biomarkers, caregiver burden
Tremblay, Francois Senior Investigator  
Tugwell, Peter Senior Investigator clinical epidemiology, interventions to reduce health inequities, systematic reviews
Turcotte, Luke Affiliate Investigator  
Wallace, Bruce Affiliate Investigator technology-based solutions for aging in place and independence of aging adults
Watt, ChristineInvestigator palliative care in neurological diseases, personalized medicine in palliative care, health services research, delirium, mixed methodology research
Webber, Colleen Affiliate Investigator  
Welch, Vivian Senior Investigator health equity, guideline development, healthy aging, evidence synthesis, evidence mapping
Whitney, Krista Investigator dementia, aging in place, technology, functional assessment, interprofessional collaboration
Wiebe, Carol Investigator  
Wilson, Kumanan Investigator digital health, immunization, pandemic preparedness, public health policy, innovation, blood safety and newborn screening, health ethics, law and policy
Yamin, Stephanie Investigator