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Applications and Exemptions

Applying to the REB

In determining the ethical acceptability of each study, the Bruyère REB uses a proportionate approach to ethical review, as outlined in TCPS2 (Chapter 2). The level of review is determined by considering foreseeable risks, potential benefits, and any ethical implications during initial REB review, and ongoing review. It is at the discretion of the REB to determine the level of review your study requires.

Full Board Review

For studies requiring full board review, the REB meets on the second Tuesday of each month. Please follow the guidance provided in the REB Calendar for deadlines. We require all REB submissions to be in by 4:00pm on the 1st of each month in order to go for review the following month.

Delegated Review

For minimal risk studies, requiring delegated review, you may submit your study at any time to the REB Office.

If Bruyère REB is not the Board of Record

For studies that have already received REB approval from the Board of Record at your institution, we do not require you to fill out our BREB form, nor use our ICF template. However, for high-risk studies that will be recruiting our patients/staff, we may require you to use the forms and/or templates provided. Please contact the REB Office for guidance.

For all studies:

Please use the mandatory Ethics Checklist to determine the documents required for your submission, and please use the forms and templates provided. Ensure that you fill out each form completely and accurately. Forms that are not filled out completely will be returned. Once you have completed your forms, please fill out the Research Study Summary, and submit this, along with all of your study documents, to your Research Services Manager for review. Once the Senior Director of Research Operations has signed off on your study (section 25 of the BREB – General, and section 20 of the BREB – Chart/Database Review and Secondary Use), you may submit your study to the REB Office for review.

Applying for an Exemption

The TCPS2 exempts the following types of projects from REB review:

  • Quality Improvement (QI), Quality Assurance (QA) and Program Evaluation (PE)
  • Testing within normal educational requirements (curriculum development or evaluation)
  • Research that relies exclusively on information that is publicly available and protected by law, or information within the public domain where there is no expectation of privacy.

The REB has the final authority to determine whether a project qualifies for an exemption.

To apply for an exemption, please complete the Exemption Application and a 1-page summary of the project.

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Research Study Summary
Ethics Checklist
BREB Application – General
BREB Application – Chart/Database Review & Secondary Use
BREB Guidelines

Protocol Template
Genetic Addendum
Confidentiality Pledge

Conflict of Interest Declaration 

Media Authorization and Release English

Media Authorization and Release French 

Exemption Application


Informed Consent Form – Generic
Informed Consent Form – Survey
Informed Consent Form – Verbal
Recruitment Poster Templates (bilingual)
Delegation Log

All submissions must be sent in electronic format to:

Kristi Wilde
Research Ethics Manager
Bruyère Research Institute
Email: REB@bruyere.org