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Celebrating research excellence at the Bruyère Research Institute

 Vivian Welch, Arne Stinchcombe Bruyère researchers receive CIHR-PHAC Applied Public Health Chairs
Vivian Welch, PhD, and Arne Stinchcombe, PhD, were awarded Applied Public Health Chairs by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research and the Public Health Agency of Canada. Both chair programs support equity in aging: Advancing Healthy Aging for All (Welch) and Addressing Health Inequities in 2SLGBTQI+ Older Adults and Communities (Stinchcombe).
 Jennifer O'Neil Jennifer O’Neil, PhD receives Innovation and Advancement Award
Congratulations to Jennifer O’Neil, PhD who received the 2024 Innovation and Advancement Award from the Ontario Physiotherapy Association. This award recognizes trailblazers who have advanced the profession by innovating approaches in clinical practice, research, technology and education. O’Neil’s research focuses on telehealth, and scalable and equitable fall prevention initiatives for Francophone older adults.
 Daniel Myran Dr. Daniel Myran appointed Canada Research Chair
Congratulations to Dr. Daniel Myran who was named as Tier 2 Canada Research Chair in Social Accountability. Dr. Myran’s research focuses predominantly on health consequences of substance use, its negative impact on health disparities, and evidence-based solutions for mitigating these harms.
 Jennifer Chandler Jennifer Chandler wins prestigious Steven E. Hyman Award
In recognition of her outstanding contributions to the study of neuroethics, Professor Jennifer Chandler, Affiliate Investigator at Bruyère Research Institute, has been named the winner of the 2024 Steven E. Hyman Award for Distinguished Service to the Field of Neuroethics. Professor Chandler is the first Canadian to receive the Steven E. Hyman Award.

Previously Recognized:

 Daniel Myran, Jodi Edwards, Janet Hatcher-Roberts Recognition at the University of Ottawa’s Faculty of Medicine Awards of Excellence
Congratulations to Bruyère researchers who were recognized by the uOttawa’s Faculty of Medicine Awards of Excellence.
  • Researcher of the Year – Public Health and Epidemiology: awarded to Jodi Edwards, PhD
  • Early-career Researcher of the Year – Public Health and Epidemiology: awarded to Dr. Daniel Myran
  • International Impact (English): awarded to Janet Hatcher Roberts
 Paul Hebert Lifetime achievement award presented to Dr. Paul Hébert
Congratulations to Dr. Paul Hébert who was awarded the Landsteiner-Alter Award and Lectureship last year for his research in blood transfusion medicine, including the ground-breaking “Transfusion Requirements in Critical Care” publication in the New England Journal of Medicine in 1999. Dr. Hébert has continued his work, recently publishing new research on transfusions for patients suffering from heart attacks.
 Vivian Welch Hundreds attend What Works Global Summit
Congratulations Vivian Welch, PhD, who as the outgoing CEO and current Editor-in-Chief of the Campbell Collaboration, successfully spearheaded the international What Works Global Summit of 2023, hosted in Ottawa and involving over 30 knowledge user organizations, with attendees from over 30 different countries.
 Moussa Sangare Moussa Sangare receives Donald Krogstad Award
Congratulations to Moussa Sangare, PhD candidate with Alison Krentel, PhD, on receipt of the Donald Krogstad Award from the American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene. Sangare has worked at Bruyère RI on projects involving the elimination of lymphatic filariasis and onchocerciasis, and improving women's health by addressing female genital schistosomiasis. The award will fund his research on why certain groups in Mali remain untreated, despite access to mass drug administration for schistosomiasis.
 Lisa Sheehy Lisa Sheehy, PhD, joins Emerging Leaders of the International Stroke Recovery and Rehabilitation Alliance
Congratulations to Lisa Sheehy, PhD, who was recognized as an Emerging Leader by the International Stroke Recovery and Rehabilitation Alliance (ISRRA). As a part of this group, Sheehy will collaborate with leaders from around the world on research and its implementation in stroke rehabilitation. This opportunity paves the way for international impact, including through the development of best practice guidelines for stroke recovery.
 Jerry Maniate Dr. Jerry Maniate’s EqHS Lab part of $45.3M funded primary care initiative
Congratulations to Dr. Jerry Maniate and his Equity in Health Systems Lab who are leading the equity, diversity, inclusivity, and accessibility cross-cutting theme for the Team Primary Care: Training for Transformation initiative, recently funded with $45.3M by Employment and Social Development Canada. The EqHS Lab will provide support and expertise to inform all aspects of the project with the aim of creating a health care workforce that is strong, resilient, diverse, adaptive, and welcoming through the lens of humility, listening, learning, and social justice.
 Barbara Farrell Barbara Farrell, PharmD, speaks to the The Economist on deprescribing
Congratulations to Barbara Farrell, PharmD, who was interviewed by The Economist on the impacts of polypharmacy on older adults and how they can lead to adverse drug interactions. She shares her expertise and research on deprescribing and notes the limitations of past research due to the lack of representation of seniors in clinical trials in the article Too many people take too many pills.
 Krystal MacLeod Krystal MacLeod, PhD, elevates community-based research
Congratulations Krystal Kehoe MacLeod, PhD and Postdoctoral Fellow at Bruyère RI, who has been awarded a CIHR Postdoctoral Fellowship award for a mixed methods study of the role of primary care teams in promoting integrated care for retirement home residents in Ontario. MacLeod's work has also been recognized with the CBRCanada Emerging Community-Based Researcher Award for her exceptional dedication to address the critical issue of food insecurity in Canada as a researcher and community leader.
 Keely Barnes Keely Barnes awarded EPIC-AT Fellowship
Congratulations Keely Barnes, PhD candidate at uOttawa in Rehabilitation Sciences, on receiving an Early Professionals, Inspired Careers in AgeTech (EPIC-AT) award under the supervision of Heidi Sveistrup, PhD and Dr. Shawn Marshall. Her research is focused on developing a virtual assessment toolkit and eventually provide sufficient support for the use of the virtual assessment in practice such that clinicians can use this approach with confidence and patients can feel adequately supported if being cared for at a distance.
 Peter Tugwell Dr. Peter Tugwell one of world's best scientists in medicine
Congratulations Dr. Peter Tugwell, who was ranked as one of the best researchers in medicine by Research.com. Dr. Tugwell has an impressive 978 publications to his name with a collective 140,772 citations. He was ranked 17th out of over 700 identified Canadian scientists in the field of medicine.
 Kumanan Wilson Dr. Kumanan Wilson receives award of distinction
Congratulations Dr. Kumanan Wilson on receipt of the Alumni Award of Distinction from his alma mater, the University of New Brunswick, recognizing his achievements over his career, including his work in medicine, health tech entrepreneurship, and medical research. Dr. Wilson has also recently joined the O’Neill Institute for National and Global Health Law at Georgetown University as one of their expert scholars.
 Jennifer Chandler Jennifer Chandler elected to Canadian Academy of Health Sciences
Congratulations Jennifer Chandler, LLM, who was elected as a Fellow of the Canadian Academy of Health Sciences, which brings together Canada’s top-ranked health and biomedical scientists and scholars to make a positive impact on the urgent health concerns of Canadians. Chandler’s research explores the legal and ethical aspects of biomedical science and technology, with a focus on the intersection of the brain sciences, law and ethics, and the legal policy related to organ donation and transplantation.
 Sarina Isenberg Sarina Isenberg, PhD, awarded Rising Star Early Career Award in Health Services in Policy Research
Congratulations to Sarina Isenberg, PhD and Chair in Mixed Methods Palliative Care Research, on receiving the 2022 Rising Star Early Career Award in Health Services and Policy Research from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR). Isenberg’s research focuses on ways to build system capacity for palliative home visits across Ontario. Her work aims to increase palliative and end of life care in the community, supporting many Canadians’ wishes to receive palliative and end of life care at home. Isenberg was also recognized by the University of Ottawa's Department of Medicine with the 2022-2023 PhD Scientist Award.
 Peter Tanuseputro Dr. Peter Tanuseputro awarded Early Career Researcher of the Year Award
Congratulations to Dr. Peter Tanuseputro, Bruyère Research Institute investigator and uOttawa Faculty of Medicine Clinical Research Chair in Palliative and Predictive Analytics, on his receipt of the 2022 uOttawa Early Career Researcher of the Year Award. This award highlights research excellence in the humanities, social sciences, fine arts, and literature, as well as in pure and applied science. His research team that leads the nation in identifying gaps in the performance of health-care systems for frail and end-of-life populations, thus making substantial contributions to improving end-of-life health-care services.
Paul Hebert  Dr. Paul Hébert appointed Scientific Director of the OPH Emergencies Science Advisory Committee
Congratulations to Dr. Paul Hébert who was appointed as the Scientific Director of the Ontario Public Health Emergencies Science Advisory Committee (OPHESAC). Dr. Hébert, professor at the University of Ottawa, palliative care physician, and investigator at Bruyère Research Institute, will be leading OPHESAC’s Secretariat in the province’s evidence-based emergency preparedness efforts.