About Bruyère

Board of Directors

Guy Chartrand

Bruyère is unique in its provision of sub-acute care as we are Ontario’s largest provider and the sole provider in the Champlain Local Health Integration Network. Although often associated with aging, chronic conditions can begin at any time. Bruyère delivers integrated and innovative services to adults of all ages with chronic conditions, who often require complex and continuing care. These include a wide variety of patients such as those who cannot breathe on their own and require ventilators, those on dialysis and those in our restorative care stream who have suffered a stroke and want to get back to their community. 

We all know that Ontario’s population is aging. Evidence suggests that more people are living longer and are in better health. Bruyère sees aging as a celebration. Enhancing Lives. Transforming Care. pays special attention to ensure integrated senior care.

Bruyère continues to be recognized for its excellence in palliative care. We are leaders in the provision of acute inpatient care, pain and symptom management as well as community consultation and palliative rehabilitation.

Today, Bruyère is a bilingual academic health care organization with several sites including two hospitals: Saint-Vincent Hospital, Élisabeth Bruyère Hospital; two long-term care homes: Saint-Louis Residence and Élisabeth Bruyère Residence, and our most recent development, Bruyère Village, a wonderful place that promotes aging at home. 


Guy Chartrand, president and CEO 

John Hoyles, chair of the Board of Directors