About Bruyère

Mission, Vision and Values


TOGETHER. Making each life better.


Driven by learning, research and innovation, our mission is to lead an integrated system of care that maximizes your quality of life and health potential.

We are an academic health care organization committed to providing compassionate and holistic care, respecting the dignity and diversity of all. As a Catholic organization, we are inspired by the values and legacy of Mother Élisabeth Bruyère. Our services in aging and rehabilitation, medically complex, palliative, residential and primary care respond to your needs throughout your life.





We value consideration and courtesy. We welcome diversity and are respectful of the dignity and autonomy of each person.



We value a caring and empathetic approach, shaped by the needs and expectations of our patients, residents and their families, as we accompany those in our care through challenging times.



We value working together with our patients, residents, their families and our staff to promote a caring and supportive environment. We value all partnerships which further the continuity of care and services according to the needs of our community.



We value personal, corporate and social responsibility in the delivery of our care and services.



We value and encourage personal development, lifelong learning, evidence-based practice, teaching and research.