Bruyère Research Institute

Research Resources

  • Are you a new investigator?
  • Do you need support launching or executing your randomized clinical trial?
  • Are you looking for specific expertise or technology to support your research?
  • Do you need help developing your study methodology or running your analysis?

The Bruyère Research Institute is here to help you!

The Bruyère Research Institute (BRI) can provide investigators with experienced bilingual staff trained in clinical research with proven expertise in recruitment, clinical trials, data collection, and subject retention. Medical equipment such as bone density and spirometry run by trained staff is available to make your data collection quick and easy. Venipuncture and laboratory processing provide safe and quality controlled sample collection using certified laboratory assistants trained in research procedures. A Recruitment Registry for studies in memory loss and dementia makes recruitment fast and easy. A team of trained clinical trials experts is available to help with parts or all aspects of running a randomized clinical trial to ensure that study data is collected accurately and reliability and the study is completed within the desired time frame and budget. Our Methodology Center assists investigators with developing their study methodology and analysis plan to ensure well thought out and robust study designs. 


Find out more about the resources available to investigators and study teams HERE.

If you’re currently a member of a research team at BRI and would like to hear more about these resources and how they can help you please contact your Manager of Research Operations.

If you’re not currently connected to a research team at BRI and would like to begin a project with us please contact Rhonda Maidment at rmaidment@bruyere.org or 613-562-6262 ext. 2901.