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Home to leading experts in research, evidence synthesis, and knowledge translation, the Bruyère Research Institute couples scientific and patient-driven insights to tackle the health challenges of today.

As the longest standing hospital in the nation’s capital, Bruyère is your partner in developing, testing, and implementing evidence-based health solutions that enhance quality of life for Canadians.

From idea to innovation, research to impact, we are dedicated to the future of health care.


Let's Work Together

On a journey to improve health outcomes? We can help. 


Research & Innovation Expertise 

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Every solution begins with a challenge. Through strong qualitative and quantitative research expertise, identifying and understanding key priorities and gaps in the sector guides the research and development of choice interventions.


We support:

  • Stakeholder engagement – identifying key health care priorities
  • Environmental scans – leveraging existing evidence
  • Subject matter expertise – tapping into our experts


Developing & Evaluating Solutions 

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Motivated by the future of care, we ask “What’s possible?” and pave the way for change. We want to know if something can be done better, safer, and most importantly, if it’s welcomed by the people who use it – whether it is a treatment, a process, or technology.


We support:

  • Quality improvement – testing and implementing innovative solutions
  • Clinical trials – evaluating new interventions


Scaling & Sharing Solutions 

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We believe in supporting the growth of Canadian health innovation and reducing barriers for other health care providers to adopt new solutions. Transparently sharing what works with industry partners and health institutions is a catalyst for iteration and growth of solutions that improve care and its delivery.


We support:

  • Knowledge translation – synthesizing and sharing our findings
  • Scale and spread – prioritizing growth of innovative care solutions


The Bruyère Model for Innovation & Evaluation

We’ve seen it end to end. The Bruyère model is founded on an agile research model, designed to bridge the gap between the rigour of academic evaluation and the flexibility of health technology design.

Supported by researchers, innovators, health care professionals, and our incredible partners, we can create tomorrow's care today.

Bruyère Model for Innovation and Evaluation 



Navdeep Kaur
Executive and Research Initiatives Assistant