Bruyère Research Institute

Data Management and Health Record Access

Collecting, Storing, and Transferring Data


Data management encompasses any data collected, used, stored, transferred, and destroyed as part of any research study carried out at Bruyère and the Bruyère Research Institute. For more information on Bruyère’s research data management strategy, click here.

Researchers may contact the Research Ethics Board regarding the legislative and ethical standards and policies in place to protect personal health information during the process of collection, use, and storage of research data, the secure transferring of the data from a source site, and the appropriate disposal of confidential materials.


If you have any questions, please contact the REB Office (REB@bruyere.org), your Research Services Manager, or the Privacy Office (chartaccess@bruyere.org).

Access to Health Records

If your study requires access to patient data, or Health Records for retroactive or ongoing data collection, please contact the Privacy Office (chartaccess@bruyere.org). You may submit your REB Application to the REB office at the same time you submit your request to the Privacy Office.

There are restrictions regarding the collection of patient data for research purposes. As a clinician, you may already have access to patient charts; however, as a researcher, you may only collect what has been approved for research purposes. If you have any questions, or are unsure of the process, please contact the Research Ethics Board Office (REB@bruyere.org) and/or the Privacy Office (chartaccess@bruyere.org).