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About the Bruyère Research Institute

As an academic organization, Bruyère teaches students and trainees, and leads life-changing research that directly impacts people’s health and care. Along with clinical staff, students may also be involved in your care and you may be asked if you would like to learn more or participate in our research and innovation projects.

The Bruyère Research Institute (Bruyère RI) is part of Bruyère and affiliated with the University of Ottawa. Bruyère RI conducts research connected with Bruyère’s clinical priorities to improve the care of aging and vulnerable populations.

Over the years, thousands of people in the Bruyère community have participated in research studies conducted by the Bruyère RI. Participation in research is voluntary, and Bruyère RI works to ensure all patients who choose to be a part of research feel safe, comfortable, and fully informed during the process.