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Message from President & CEO

Welcome to Bruyère, a multi-site academic health care organization, providing a wide range of services within our hospital campuses, our long-term care homes, and in supportive and independent living for older adults and vulnerable populations.

With over 1000 beds across the city, we deliver a wide variety of services in aging and rehabilitation, brain health, medically complex, palliative, residential and primary care.

Our hospitals focus on helping patients restore their independence and function, provide a bridge back to their homes, or help accommodate the loss of independence to help guide patients along their health care journey.

The innovative work of our investigators at the Bruyère Research Institute contributes to a better, more responsive health care system. As a patient, you may be asked to participate in research that will help improve our program and services.

This patient handbook was created with input from our Patient and Family Advisory Committee to help you and your loved ones understand more about your stay at Élisabeth Bruyère Hospital or Saint-Vincent Hospital.

We are committed to providing safe, quality, and compassionate care to everyone we serve until you are well enough to return home or to another care facility with the support you need.


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Guy Chartrand

President and CEO