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Your care

Bruyère is committed to providing person-centered care. Care planning is done by your interprofessional care team with you to meet your needs while in hospital.
Research shows that a well-planned discharge can help ongoing recovery at home and reduce your chances of being readmitted to hospital.

During your stay, you will play an active role with your health care team to start making plans for when you leave the hospital. The social worker will also be involved in this planning and can connect you with the resources you will need.

team picture Bruyère is an academic institution with a provincial mandate to advance learning and research in health care. This means medical students, residents, and other health professionals who are under the supervision of a Bruyère staff member or physician will be involved in your care.


We may also ask you to take part in research studies.

Care boards

An erasable white board is located on the wall near your bed. This is a communication tool between you, your family, and your care team. Your team will update this board on every shift to keep all care team members up to date about your care.

Always practices

Bedside shift handover - The nurse leaving at the end of her shift talks about your needs with the nurse starting her shift. You can actively take part or listen. This handover is done so all staff are aware of your needs and to increase your safety.

Regular nursing visits - Your nurse will come to your bedside on a regular basis to see if you are comfortable, ask about your needs and help you move or change position. They will also make sure you can safely reach your telephone, bedside table, call bell and any other items you need.

Medical assistance in dying

Bruyère offers quality palliative and end-of-life care for patients and families, supporting them through their health care journey.

Bruyère’s position on medical assistance in dying (MAiD) is aligned with our responsibilities and values as a Catholic health care organization, and we do not provide MAiD on our campuses. As a leader in the provision of palliative care, our focus is innovation to provide those who are suffering and considering MaiD with an alternative.

Our teams will work with patients to discuss goals of care and solutions and respect the wishes of those we serve. If a patient wishes to proceed with MAiD, we will refer to an external provider for the provision of MAiD, including information and assessments.

To receive a copy of Bruyère’s policy on MAiD please inquire with your clinical manager.