Our Mission & Vision

Two female Bruyère employees are couched down to a woman patient in wheelchair smiling a libraryOur Mission

When seniors struggle, when people with chronic illnesses need continuing care or, lives have been shattered by terminal illnesses or accidents - Bruyère Foundation will be there to inform, inspire and motivate our community to get involved. We are passionately dedicated to finding, encouraging and nurturing champions for our aging population and those requiring continuing care.


By drawing upon the commitment, compassion and care of our staff, volunteers and donors Bruyère Foundation will work tirelessly throughout our community to raise funds to improve the lives of patients, residents and families of Élisabeth Bruyère Hospital, Saint-Vincent Hospital, Saint-Louis Residence, Élisabeth Bruyère Residence, Bruyère Village, and the Bruyère Research Institute


Our Vision

Our vision for Bruyère Foundation is one that is constantly driven by the complex medical needs and heartbreaking stories of our families, friends and neighbours who have grown older or, become chronically or terminally ill. We will match their struggles with our determination. We will ensure that challenges of their lives become the challenges that are met by an entire community. We will help meet all of their challenges including those that are still to come. We will help bring hope, spirit and dignity into their lives by operating at the highest standards for ethics and through the careful and thoughtful stewardship of the precious funds we raise on behalf of Bruyère. We will treat our great responsibility to them as a sacred trust. We will help to tell their stories and be their unwavering champions.