Rules and Regulations

Bruyère 50/50 Staff Lottery

Licence No.: RAF1368386

One cash prize will be awarded in the Bruyère 50-50 Staff Lottery every two weeks on pay day, starting February 8, 2024 until January 23, 2025. Participants will sign up for the duration of the lottery by participating for the year. The total value of the single cash prize will be one half of the total proceeds received.

The tickets are 10$ each and the amount is deducted from your pay on a bi-weekly basis for the duration of the year. The winner will be selected using an approved Random Number Generator (RNG), To be eligible for the 50/50 Draw, an employee must fill out an online enrollment from www.bruyere.org/lottery/. Or send an email including a copy of the enrollment form. Human Resources and Finance will be advised and ensure payroll deductions are managed according to the form you submit.

Draw Dates:

8-Feb-2024  |  22-Feb-2024  |  7-Mar-2024  |  21-Mar-2024  |  4-Apr-2024  |  18-Apr-2024  |  2-May-2024  |  16-May-2024  |  30-May-2024  |  13-Jun-2024  |  27-Jun-2024  |  11-Jul-2024  |  25-Jul-2024  |  8-Aug-2024  |  22-Aug-2024  |  5-Sep-2024  |  19-Sep-2024  |  3-Oct-2024  |  17-Oct-2024  |  31-Oct-2024  |  14-Nov-2024  |  28-Nov-2024  |  12-Dec-2024  |  26-Dec-2024  |  9-Jan-2025  |  23-Jan-2025



The winning ticket and winner’s name will be published on www.bruyere.org and on the internal website (InfoNet). 50/50 Staff Lottery tickets are one for $10, two for $20, three for $30 and so on, the selected deduction is applicable per pay. There is no limit to the number of 50/50 tickets purchased. Staff Lottery proceeds will be designated to urgent needs across Bruyère.

To opt out, you may notify the Foundation in writing at the foundation@bruyere.org who will ensure payroll is notified within 24 hours. It will take a maximum of five business days to be removed from the following draw date.

Participants of the 50/50 Staff Lottery:

All staff who are paid through Bruyère are eligible participants. Foundation staff are not eligible to participate in the 50/50 Staff Lottery.


By claiming a prize, the winner consents to the use of their likeness/photograph, first and last name, ticket number, and an announcement. Bruyère respects the privacy of its lottery supporters; we do not sell, rent, or trade our supporter lists.

Problem gaming information

Hotline Number 1888-230-3505