Red Dot Alerts and Bruyère – Working together to keep your loved ones independent and safe.

Visit Red Dot Alerts or call 1-888-557-2019 to learn more about how they can help.  


Red Dot Alerts, once known as Bruyère Helpline, has a long history of offering alert systems for seniors to call for assistance in their homes by pressing a button on a small wireless pendant or bracelet. Technology has since evolved and enabled us to provide mobile solutions that detect falls, allow for GPS tracking, and allow seniors on the go to instantly reach emergency responders or a family member if needed – a notion that gives their loved ones some welcome piece of mind.

Part of this renewed partnership comes additional benefits to our community. A portion of the profits generated by this partnership will be reinvested into Bruyère’s clinical programs and services, benefitting patients and families as well as the frontline staff.

Red Dot Alerts offers several wearable personal alert solutions:


  • Smart shoe soleGPS SmartSole™ is a discreet solution for people who tend to wander beyond their community. This customizable shoe insole is embedded with advanced GPS tracking which will send an email or text alert automatically when the wearer leaves a predetermined geographical zone. For those who tend to wander and get lost, a GPS tracker can literally save their life.

  • SmartwatchRDA Pace Smartwatch is ideal for advanced connectivity. This device is custom-built for those who have places to be. RDA Pace offers a full suite of cutting-edge features to keep you informed and connected: GPS tracking, heart rate monitor, step counter, 4G connectivity, 24-hour battery power, and text-to-locate.

For your loved one, wearable personal alert solutions can keep them active and independent. However, the main benefit is the peace of mind knowing they will be safe, no matter where they go.