Leave a Legacy

Like me, you are a strong supporter of Bruyère Continuing Care. I feel we probably share a lot of the same values. I believe the values we share include compassion, generosity and the desire to create a better world for our community, our friends and our loved ones. Thank you, for all you have done to make our world a better place by making Bruyère one of your charities of choice.

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You should feel wonderful about all you have done to improve our health care system for seniors and the most vulnerable in our region. For me, becoming involved with Bruyère has been one of the best things I have ever done. It’s given my life more meaning and it’s given me great personal satisfaction. I have been a volunteer with Bruyère’s Palliative Care Unit, for years. I can assure you that your support helps so many and that your gifts are truly making a life changing difference to our patients and their families.

I want to share with you, what my Godmother Louise, was recently able to do for Bruyère, and ask you to consider making a gift in your will to the Bruyère Foundation.

Of course, family and loved ones were at the top of my Godmother’s list before her death but she also wanted to leave a legacy to her community and to causes that were close to her heart. She decided to leave a gift, in her will, to the Bruyère Foundation. Her decision is doubly wonderful because I get to see firsthand her wishes carried out.

My Godmother, Louise, who I am named after, wanted to do her part in bettering the lives of seniors and those who were nearing the end of their life. She was deeply grateful for her good fortune and she wanted to share it with Bruyère. Knowing Bruyère (the second largest health care provider in the region) doesn’t get as much support or recognition as some of the other health care organizations in our community, she felt her gift would make a huge impact on the on the lives of many. She was right.

I should have mentioned this earlier, but my letter to you today, is not a request to give now! I simply want to encourage you to consider leaving a gift to Bruyère, in your will – a future gift that won’t cost you anything now. If this is something that you are curious to learn more about, would you please take a moment to complete the enclosed survey, for the Bruyère Foundation.

Both my Godmother and I have been so impressed by the outstanding role Bruyère plays in our community’s health care system. Among other things, Bruyère is a bridge to home and the only hospital of its kind in the region whose job is to help get you back on your feet if you are suffering with complex medical conditions.

My Godmother Louise chose to support Geriatric Rehabilitation and Palliative Care at Bruyère. Her gift also recognizes her husband Rolf, who
predeceased her. She knew he wanted to ensure the good work of Bruyère was continued after he passed on, so together, they chose to leave a beautiful legacy in both their names.

The “Louise and Rolf Krapf Family Room” brings comfort, escape and beauty to patients and families on Bruyère’s Palliative Care Unit. The “Louise and Rolf Krapf Dining Room” has been established on the Geriatric Rehabilitation Unit for seniors who are recovering from a medical crisis, such as a stroke, a broken hip, or from multiple chronic conditions like diabetes and kidney disease.

Sometimes people think they have to be extremely wealthy to leave a gift in their will, to a charity. On the contrary, it’s often the case that you can take care of your loved ones and still leave a significant gift to the causes that mean the most to you. If you do consider leaving a gift in your will to Bruyère, I can assure you that your future gift will make a lasting difference.
I see the positive impact that my Godmother’s gift continues to make in people’s lives.

Thank you for taking the time to read my letter. I wish you the very best in health!

Warmest regards,

Louise Schwartz
Bruyère volunteer and donor

PS If you have any questions at all about leaving a gift in your will I encourage you to connect with Kim Curran (613) 857-2807 or Debra Beattie (613) 562-6262 ext.1015 at Bruyère. I know they would love to hear from you!