Bruyère Academic Family Health Team

Our team

Who we are and what we do

Bruyère Family Medicine Centre has 15 staff physicians, 31 family medicine residents, two nurse practitioners, registered nurses, a pharmacist, a dietitian, a kinesiologist, a social worker, mental health workers and diabetes educators. Each of our staff is registered with his or her professional college. 



Marisa LeBlanc, RD



Anna Morin, RKin



Dr. Roland Halil


Referrals Clerks

Diane Desjardins

Danielle Perras


Social Workers

Antoine Roussel, RSW

Shauna Stroz, RSW 

Diabetes Team

Geneviève Grégoire, RD
Rosy Castor, RN


Staff Physicians

Blue team: 613-241-3344

Dr. Doug Gruner

Dr. Mehvish Mehrani

Dr. Elizabeth Muggah

Dr. Lina Shoppoff

Dr. Tomy Thomas

Dr. Sufian Zayed 

Dr. Christine Saunders 


Nurse Practitioner, Alain Scalabrini 


Red team: 613-241-3344 


Dr. William Caron

Dr. Shauna Hacker 

Dr. Martha Holt

Dr. Claire Kendall

Dr. Mike Kirlew 

Dr. Courtney Maskerine

Dr. Moaweya Zayed


Nurse Practitioner, Patricia Topp 



Amberly Halil (Baker): 613-241-3344