Bruyère Academic Family Health Team

Recommended screenings

Your team of providers will assess your overall health and suggest screening tests specific to you and your health. These recommendations are evidence-based and age-specific.

In general, we suggest:

  • Height and weight check every one to three years
  • Blood pressure check at least every two years
  • Glucose screening every three to five years after age 40, earlier and more frequently if at high or very high risk for diabetes. Risk factors are outlined on the Public Health Agency of Canada's Canadian diabetes risk questionnaire (CANRISK). See the section below for people with diabetes
  • Blood tests for cholesterol based on your risk factors
  • Stool tests for microscopic blood every two years over the age of 50
  • PAP test every two to three years for women 25 to 70 years of age
  • Mammography every two to three years after the age of 50
  • Ontario Breast Screening Program
  • Bone Densitometry testing based on your risk factors (as early as age 50)
  • Preventative recommendations for infants and young children are available at the Rourke Baby Record


People with Diabetes