Bruyère Academic Family Health Team

Prescriptions and refills

Please use your medications exactly as prescribed for best results. If you suspect that something in your medications is causing an adverse reaction, please notify us immediately.

Managing your medication is both safer and easier if you keep all your prescriptions with one pharmacy.

We ask you to bring your medications with you to each visit to ensure that there is no confusion in your drug therapy. Please do not forget to inform us of alternative treatments you may be receiving (e.g. herbal or homeopathic medications).

We do not renew prescriptions by fax or phone. Please make sure that you have enough medications, especially for times that you are away. Make an appointment with the clinic to renew your prescriptions before your supply runs out.


Alternatively, you can call your pharmacy and request that they fax us a prescription renewal request at least 7 days before you are scheduled to run out of medication.