Bruyère Academic Family Health Team

Your visit

Health Card

You must present your health card each time you come to the office. Patients who do not present a valid health card will be asked to pay for the visit.



There is a charge for parking in Bruyère’s parking lot on site. There are six handicapped spots available there. During peak hours, available parking spaces in this parking lot can be limited. Nearby street parking is available, usually with a 2 hour limit, subject to the restrictions and parking rates enforced by the City of Ottawa. There is also a city parking lot nearby at the corner of Somerset and Arthur St. 



The clinic is located near the corner of Bronson and Somerset. OC Transpo Buses coming on or off the Transit Way at Bronson stop fairly close to the Primrose clinic. The #2 bus on Somerset at Bronson is one block from the clinic 


Preparing for the visit with your provider

To make the best use of your appointment time with your physician or other team member please consider:


  • Having tests done that have been ordered a few days before your appointment so that results are available to be discussed.
  • Asking your provider if you need a test before the next visit, and obtaining the requisition.
  • Making sure you have the right time and date for your appointment. If you need to reschedule, please call us.
  • Making a list of the questions you want to ask your provider.
  • Making a list of your most important health goals.
  • Bringing all your medication bottles or your current medication list from your pharmacist.
  • Bringing any logbook or record that you keep, such as blood pressure, blood sugar, weight or food diary.
  • Asking a family member, friend or peer to come to the clinic with you to help you remember the information discussed.

People with diabetes

Find interactive tools and downloadable resources developed by the Canadian Diabetes Association to help you personalize your care plan. 


Preparation for minor dermatological surgical procedures

  • Non-Cosmetic issues are covered by OHIP/Quebec Health Coverage 
  • Cosmetic issues can be addressed but are directly billable to the patient at reasonable rates

How to prepare

  • Do not stop taking prescribed medications
  • Stop herbal remedies such as ginger, ginko biloba and garlic 5 days prior
  • Stop taking aspirin or aspirin containing products and anti-inflammatory products taken on a regular basis 5 days prior, unless they have been prescribed by your doctor
  • Eat a normal breakfast before arriving
  • Do not wear makeup if the procedure is on your face or neck
  • Wear comfortable clothing
  • Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your appointment
  • Most individuals are able to return to work/school after their procedure

If for any reason you cannot attend your appointment please kindly let us know. 

Primrose: 613-230-7788 or cancellation line 613-230-7788, ext 2.