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Bruyère Academic Family Health Team

Bruyère Family Medicine Centre

Picture of family medicine building

Welcome to the Bruyère Family Medicine Centre. Together with the Primrose Family Medicine Centre, we form the Bruyère Academic Family Health Team, funded by the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care.


We are a program of Bruyère Continuing Care and affiliated with the University of Ottawa, where all staff physicians are professors in the Faculty of Medicine, Department of Family Medicine. Along with community-based patient care, we provide training for inter-professional students and family medicine resident doctors.


Please note: We are not a walk-in clinic. 


Address and Telephone


75 Bruyere St.,
Ottawa (Ontario)  K1N 5C8





 *See Contact Us section for telephone hours*





Email Communication (secure email through the Health Myself Portal) 

We have a secure email system for communicating with the clinic and your doctor or nurse practitioner.  

Access to the Health Myself Portal is offered to you at no cost and will allow you to


  • Receive reminder emails of upcoming appointments,
  • Receive health promotion emails on occasion
  • Receive secure message from the physician, nurse or the front desk reception 

To register for this service, contact our receptionists at 613-241-3344 


Once you have joined the portal system, the link for sending a message is :




Bruyère Gallery

Culture, Art and Healing

Situated in the heart of the health centre, the Bruyère Gallery merges art and healing to inspire compassion and encourage healing within the public, the health care workers and the patients. The gallery offers the hope that is inherent in any creative act: it tells each and every person that inspiration and compassion are alive and well and right in front of their very eyes.

About us

Along with community-based patient care, we provide training for inter-professional students and family medicine resident doctors. We are a program of Bruyère and affiliated with the University of Ottawa, where all staff physicians are professors in the Department of Family Medicine.

Residency Program

Our clinic is fortunate to have family medicine residents and other students who receive training from our staff. Our residents are doctors who have graduated from medical school and who can see patients independently and write prescriptions. They are at all times supervised by one of our staff physicians. You may be asked to see a resident or student while you are cared for in our clinic and we appreciate your cooperation in this important endeavor.

Inter-professional Team

Our team consists of administrative staff, family physicians, nurse practitioners, registered nurses, dietitian, social worker, pharmacist, mental health team and diabetes educators.


Your family physician offers complete medical care for every age group. There are two types of physicians at the Family Medicine Centre:

  • Staff physicians, who are full-time appointees of the University of Ottawa Faculty of Medicine, provide care to their patients, teach, and carry out research in family medicine.
  • Resident physicians, who have graduated from medical school and are training to be family physicians, are with us in Family Medicine for a minimum period of two years. They provide care to patients under the close supervision of the teaching staff to ensure excellence of care. You may also encounter medical students working with your doctor.

Nurse Practitioners

Provide care to patients of all ages with a focus on preventing disease, promoting good health and curing illness. The nurse practitioner works independently and in consultation with family physicians if required.

Diabetes Educators

A registered dietitian and a registered nurse, who are both experts in diabetes care, help people living with pre-diabetes and diabetes to make choices to better control blood sugar and prevent complications.


Provides education about the food we eat, and its effect on our health, from babies to seniors. This might include management of chronic diseases, healthy lifestyle changes, prevention, supplements, meal plans and food selection.

Mental Health Team

The Shared Mental Health Care Clinical Team is inter-professional and can assist the Family Health Team provider in health promotion, early detection, treatment and prevention of mental health problems.


Works with you and your medical team to make sure you do not have any problems related to your medication (e.g. to identify and prevent side effects and drug interactions, ensure most appropriate drug and dose for you and keep drug regimen as simple as possible).


The team receptionists receive your phone calls and greet you when you visit. They can make appointments, help you with changes in information and direct you to the right person at the right time.

Registered Nurse

The registered nurse is responsible for coordination of patient care with other health care professionals and outside resources, patient follow up, teaching patients about their healthcare, providing for patient care in the office, including assisting at minor surgical procedures and general nursing care.

Social Worker

Provides counselling for problems that affect you or your family’s quality of life, such as stress and loss, and can assist you in finding resources in the community.