Geriatric Rehabilitation


Our inpatient hospital and outpatient Geriatric Day Hospital programs help patients to optimize their functional abilities so they can continue to live their lives in the community and prevent further visits to acute care hospitals.

Over the year we see over 500 patients and more than 85% of our patients return to the community following completion of their program at Bruyère.

Our rehabilitation programs run with the support of a variety professionals including physicians, researchers, nurses, social workers, dieticians, physiotherapists, and speech pathologists.


Inpatient Geriatric Rehabilitation

As the only service of its kind in the Ottawa region, the inpatient Geriatric Rehabilitation program at the Bruyère Hospital is designed to improve the functional abilities of elderly patients recovering from a recent illness, injury, surgery, or any condition resulting in a loss of independence.

Outpatient Geriatric Day Hospital

The John and Jennifer Ruddy Geriatric Day Hospital is a bilingual interprofessional outpatient geriatric rehabilitation program that aims to optimize the health and quality of life of seniors in our community.