Spiritual CareHands Praying 

Spiritual care students work closely with our clinical chaplains and other members of the allied health teams to ensure an interdisciplinary approach to care. Student placements are available within our hospital and long term care programs and offer unique opportunities for exploring and expanding one’s understanding of spirituality, spiritual needs, spiritual distress and wholistic approaches to care and healing.

These approaches may include religious ritual and multi-faith practice, as determined by the patient or resident. Using modalities from the clinical pastoral education (CPE) process, students will engage with reflective practice, verbatim exercises, and mentorship along with direct patient, resident and family interaction. Students will learn how to initiate a spiritual assessment and will be given opportunities to explore ways to humanize the health care journey by recognizing the following:

    • Signs of spiritual distress (fear, guilt, distrust, anxiety, anger, conflict, etc.)
    • Opportunities for advance care planning discussions;
    • Concerns about end-of-life or cultural and ethical issues;
    • Healing benefits of a specific religious ritual or rite, such smudging ceremonies; sacramental practices, the sacrament of anointing of the sick, eucharistic celebrations; prayer; mediation etc.
    • Opportunities for Dignity Therapy or other specialized intervention.

Contact information

Rebekah Hackbusch
Manager, Spiritual Care Department
Phone: 613-562-6262, ext. 3033
Email: rhackbusch@bruyere.org