Pharmacy and Pharmacy Technicians


Pharmacist students at Bruyère can expect to work closely with physicians and other members of the interdisciplinary healthcare team to ensure the optimization of patients’ medications. No matter where students are matched, the rotation give students the opportunity to fully develop and practice the process of provision of pharmaceutical care to inpatients with complex medication regimens and diverse medical histories. Administrative and research rotations are also available.


Clinical rotations 



Saint-Vincent Hospital

    • Complex Medical Care
    • Dialysis
    • Wound Care Program
    • Ventilator Unit
    • Slow-Stream Rehabilitation

Élisabeth Bruyère Hospital

    • Geriatric Rehabilitation
    • Stroke Rehabilitation
    • Palliative Care
    • Geriatric Day Hospital

Clinical Rotation Tasks

Clinical rotation tasks



  • Medication reconciliation on admission and discharge
  • Identifying and resolving drug therapy problem
  • Developing and documenting care plans
  • Attending interdisciplinary patient care rounds
  • Providing medication-related education
  • Therapeutic verification of new medication orders
  • Therapeutic drug monitoring
  • Responding to drug information questions



These clinical tasks are in line with the Canadian Consensus on Clinical Pharmacy Key Performance Indicators.

Teaching will be facilitated using a variety of methods including but not limited to:


  • Student-preceptor therapeutic topic discussions
  • Student-preceptor patient case review discussions
  • Pharmacy department therapeutics meetings (pharmacist presentations, journal club)
  • Self-directed learning


Pharmacy student working hours are from Monday to Friday from 08:30am – 4:30pm or from 09:00am - 5:00pm.

Pre-readings are required to be completed before the start of the student rotation. Please contact your preceptor for more information.

Student Experiences


  • "It has been an absolute pleasure working as a pharmacy student at Bruyère. The pharmacy team and the healthcare providers here are engaging, very friendly and extremely knowledgeable. They are always looking to help students learn and encourages them to strive to be an independent healthcare provider. I've learned so much in my time here and have thoroughly enjoyed my experience!"
  •  “I am fortunate to have the opportunity to complete a 10-week pharmacy rotation at Bruyère. All of the pharmacists find opportunities outside of their daily roles for students to enhance their learning through therapeutic discussions, presentations, participating in rounds, and shadowing other healthcare professionals. Every day provides new opportunity for exposure to life as a hospital pharmacist at Bruyère.”



  • “There are a lot of learning opportunities at Bruyère! The rotation has enhanced my knowledge of optimizing pharmaceutical care, especially in patients with complex conditions who are taking twenty or more medications. Also, I really appreciate the opportunities to collaborate closely with different healthcare professionals, understand their perspectives, and develop an optimal care plan for the patient.”


Contact Information

Harvinder Singh

Clinical Coordinator

Email: hsingh@bruyere.org


Tim Veregin 

Director of Pharmacy

Email: tveregin@bruyere.org