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Bruyère Memory Program

Bruyère Memory Program

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Diagnosis and treatment for patients with memory problems 


Bruyère Memory Program is Eastern Ontario’s only dedicated medical clinic specializing in the assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of cognitive impairment, dementia, and Alzheimer’s disease.


For more information download the following pamphlet


Services are also available through the Orleans Health Hub.


The Bruyère Memory Program provides:

    • Diagnosis
    • Treatment/management of dementia
    • Referral to community support services 


Patients must be referred to the program by a physician or a licensed nurse practitioner. We are unable to process :

    • Cases that coincide with an acquired brain injury
    • Documented neurological disorder (e.g. M.S.)
    • Active substance abuse
    • Inadequately controlled psychiatric illness
    • Long-standing learning disabilities

Patients under 50 years of age are only seen under special circumstances. 


Our health care team includes:

    • Nurses
    • Physicians
    • Neuropsychologists

Our Procedure

At your first visit, you will meet with a nurse who will:


    • Ask you a number of questions to fully understand your symptoms and memory concerns
    • Conduct brief screening tests to evaluate your current abilities
    • The time needed for the nursing visit will range from 45 to 75 minutes.

Most often, the next visit is with a physician who will:

    • Obtain a detailed medical history, review symptoms and their impact and conduct a focused medical examination
    • Review the results of any of the tests done to date
    • Discuss any further tests that may be required
    • Discuss the potential diagnosis and treatment options
    • The time needed for the physician visit will range from 90 to 120 minutes.

A referral may be made to other community services to provide you with ongoing assistance and support.


Many of our patients are also offered an assessment with the neuropsychologist for more detailed evaluation of memory and other thinking skills. 


Please remember to:

    • Bring your health card
    • Bring a list of current medications
    • Come accompanied by a family member or someone that knows you well


The Bruyère Memory Program is associated with various active research teams involved in clinical drug trials, new treatments and diagnostic tools. If you would like more information, please contact us at (613) 562-6328. Participation is strictly voluntary.


Contact us 

Office Hours

8:00 am to 4:00 pm

Tel.: 613-562-6322

Fax: 613-562-6013



75 Bruyère St, Suite 110Y (entrance with grey canopy near parking lot)

Ottawa, Ontario

K1N 5C8