Careers & Volunteering

Day in the life of a Bruyère volunteer


    • Engage in meaningful conversations and activities with patients, residents and their loved ones.
    • Support those we care for with their daily activities.
    • Be a helping hand at mealtime.
    • Welcome new patients and residents, helping them and their loved ones get familiar with their new environment.
    • Assist the care teams.
    • Help identify new opportunities to engage those we care for and their loved ones.


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We have a number of different roles well suited for everyone! 


    • Retirees - Come share your knowledge and skills! Give back to your community by being part of a volunteer program that enhances the experience of those in our specialized hospitals and long-term care homes.
    • Students – Picture yourself in a career in health care through a range of volunteer roles at our specialized hospitals and long-term care homes. Give back to your community while also building your resume and having opportunities to ask questions about work life in the health care sector.
    • Casual opportunities for those working full time - If you are working but have some time to give, volunteering is a great way to give back while keeping active in your community.

See our different hospital roles and long-term care home roles to find the one best suited for you!