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Palliative Care

Palliative Care


A palliative approach to care helps patients manage pain and symptoms associated with chronic, life limiting illness and patients who are at the end of life.

Did you know that palliative care treats people with serious illness of any age and any stage and not just at end of life? Palliative care can:


  • Improve quality of life.
  • Reduce or relieve symptoms.
  • Help you make important decisions.
  • Provide support to you and your loved ones throughout your illness, from the time of diagnosis.

Palliative Care at Bruyère

The William and Maureen Shenkman Palliative Care Unit

The Shenkman Palliative Care Unit is here for people who need inpatient care and is there to support their loved ones as well. People may be referred for a short period of time with the goal of returning to the community or they may be referred to end-of-life care. In both cases, our team works to manage pain and symptoms and support people in their understanding of their illness. While at Bruyère, people receiving palliative care benefit from access to complex care expertise and supports.




Learn more about complex care at Bruyère.

As an academic palliative care team Bruyère is leading research and educational programs that will enhance the experience of our patients and their loved ones and advance care in the field.  


If a person no longer needs the palliative or complex care provided at Bruyère, the care team will begin working on a discharge plan to home or to another care facility that will best meet the needs of that person.

We work closely with those we care for and their loved ones to provide care that respects a diversity of cultures and beliefs.  


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Regional Palliative Consultation Team

The Regional Palliative Consultation Team is a partnership between Bruyère and Champlain Home and Communication Care Support Services that supports family physicians and primary health care teams that care for palliative patients in the community. This includes care offered at home, retirement homes, long-term care facilities and community hospitals.

Find out more about admission criteria for local hospice palliative care in Ottawa including Bruyère's.

For more information, contact
Clinical Admissions Coordinator
Tel.: 613-562-6262, ext. 1688

Champlain Hospice Palliative Care Program

The Champlain Hospice Palliative Care Program, hosted by Bruyère, provides support and education to health care providers and organizations to improve access to high-quality hospice palliative care in the Champlain region of Eastern Ontario. Their education sessions have reached thousands of people on topics such as advance care planning, grief, practical caregiver training and self-care.