Transitional Care

Frequently Asked Questions

Transitional Care FAQ

How often will I see a physician?

You may have a new Physician once you are admitted to the transitional care unit. However, since your condition is now stable, you may see your physician less often than before (about 2 times a week).

What kind of support services can I expect at Bruyere during my stay on a Transitional Care unit?

A team of healthcare professionals, which includes social workers, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, rehabilitation assistants, speech-language pathologists, dietitians and recreation coordinators, will work with you to help achieve your care goals and help prepare you for discharge. Therapy sessions will be provided about 3 times a week, for a total of 45 minutes.

How can I access and utilize the laundry facilities during my stay, and what assistance is provided for laundering my belongings?

Washers and dryers are located on the unit and can be used by patients at no cost. Staff members will help with laundering patient belongings when necessary. We encourage family members to take clothing and personal linens home regularly to launder.

How does the care team in Transitional Care ensure that my patient care needs are communicated?

We are committed to providing patient centered care. Care planning is done by your interprofessional care team with you to meet your needs while in Transitional Care. During your stay, you will play an active role with your healthcare team to start making plans for your return to the community. One such tool used is called the “Careboard” - it is an erasable white board which will be located on the wall near your bed. This is a communication tool between you, your family, and your care team. Your team will update this board on every shift to keep all care team members up to date about your care.

How do the finances work?

We will contact you to discuss financial arrangements for your accommodations. You will be charged a monthly fee called a co-payment to contribute to the cost of your accommodation and meals.


This fee is calculated based on your annual income, with a maximum rate set by the Ministry of Health. Financial Services will contact you or your Power of Attorney if a co-payment fee is applicable.


These details will be explained more thoroughly by the Financial Services staff.