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Bruyère Diabetes Education Program

Bruyère Diabetes Education Program

Keeping Life Sweet!

 Diabetes Education Program: Rosy Castor RN and Genevieve Gregoire, RD


The Bruyère Diabetes Education Program promotes healthy habits and lifestyle changes for people living with pre-diabetes and type 2 diabetes. Our certified diabetes educators include a registered dietitian and a registered nurse. These diabetes care experts help people living with pre-diabetes and diabetes make choices that lead to better control of blood sugar levels, and to a healthy life.

Services offered: 

  • Individual consultations with a nurse and/or dietitian
  • Ongoing support and follow-ups
  • Insulin starts and follow-ups (in partnership with family physicians and specialists)
  • Glucometer training
  • Foot exams
  • Pre-diabetes and diabetes support groups

All services are free and offered based on best practices. Sessions are provided on weekdays and are available in both French and English. You may register yourself with the program or discuss it with your health care provider. To make an appointment, please call 613-562-6262, ext. 5362. There is currently no wait time for a scheduled appointment! 


Our email address is diabetes@bruyere.org


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